The Sun Already Exploded
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The Sun Already Exploded

The sun constantly erupts and sends out shock waves that are unleashed from its surface as solar flares. These solar flares are also called CME or coronal mass ejections.

It’s true. The sun constantly erupts and sends out shock waves that are unleashed from its surface as solar flares. These solar flares are also called CME or coronal mass ejections. The sun has erupted since its beginning and it will continue to erupt until its final days. Scientists claim that the sun is about half way through its life expectancy and still has an estimated 7 billion years left before its life will end.

The theory explains that the sun is constantly expanding and therefore has essentially already exploded. It is a giant nuclear fusion generator expanding outward as it burns up its fuels. One scientist I read information from stated that our sun is not yellow but is in fact white based upon the color chart of the Kelvin ratio of heat. As it cools it will turn yellow, then orange, and finally red. The hottest burning color is blue.

Scientists believe that our sun will one day expand into such a large red giant that it will devour first Mercury, and the Venus, and eventually even Earth. It is uncertain whether or not Earth will be devoured before the sun collapses on itself and becomes a white dwarf which will burn forever. The theory supplies hope that our sun won’t actually go super nova and wipe out our entire solar system as we know it. To date the evolution of the sun and other stars baffle scientists. They are constantly studying stars to make better assessments and findings.

The theory NASA currently has about the upcoming 2012 solar alignment is that our Earth will shift on its poles. I can see this as a prime possibility for more than just the fact that it comes from NASA which hires the smartest people on the planet to work for them. The best way I could explain it to you without technical astrophysicist terms is like this. Look at eh Earth and its poles as a battery. The North Pole could be the positive side and the South Pole the negative side for electrical charging terms. The sun powers the solar system and the weather on the planets through CME’s and solar winds.

These charges are absorbed through the magnetosphere and keep the magnetic fields charged and the planet spinning like an electric motor. If the sun is the positive charge and the black hole at the center of our galaxy is the negative charge then when we are aligned the magnetic poles should attract to the other and shift our planet sideways which will eventually shift our poles entirely. These theories are based off of facts and complicated math and studies that I do not even begin to understand. I can only theorize as the professionals do so asking me questions about this would get only one answer. Go to the NASA website and research it there.

Article by Kevin C Davison

“I write to entertain, and for a cause.”


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