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Last answer by Athena Goodlight 65 months ago +1 votes: does not directly ship outside the US and Canada. For international orders has a list of dealers which can be accessed here. If you are from the Philippines, the nearest international Orion dealer is based in Indonesia. The contact details and the website are shown below. Prominence Scope HouseNo.9 Airline Road #02-10ACargo Agent Building ESingapore 918114IndonesiaPhon... more
Last answer by Jerrod Nazarian 65 months ago +2 votes:
UFO's or Unidentified Flying Objects are vastly the product of ignorance.  Our society values secrecy in such a way that we have many experiments going on, at any given time, that no one is willing or able to speak about.  The fact that something flying through our atmosphere is unidentified does not necessarily make it alien.  So I would say most UFO's are human in origin.  G... more
Last answer by Jerrod Nazarian 65 months ago +0 votes:
Excel at everything you do.  If you are assigned 3 hours of homework spend a further 2 hours studying further on.  Learn more mathematics and science than the grade you're in can teach.  Stay in a peak but not excessive physical condition. Think lean muscle mass, good lung function, and luck.  In anything there is a component of luck.  In the long run there are many thing... more
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Last answer by Bruce Bostwick 66 months ago +0 votes:
It is possible.  It would be really interesting to discover it and figure out how it could possibly exist.   more
Asked by Pradip in Astronomy2 answers
Last answer by roytanay 66 months ago +3 votes:
Eclipses are a very natural phenomena. Now, during solar eclipse Sun, Moon and Earth lie on a straight line. Since, the Sun and and the Moon come on the same side of Earth, very strong gravitational force is generated. This can have two effects. 1. The major effect is that, you will record the highest tides during the eclipse on the side of the earth facing the Sun and on the opposite side. 2. Acc... more
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Last answer by DeviPriya Maharana 66 months ago +1 votes:
Moon is not important in order to sustain life on earth. If moon suddenly disappears, there would be little effect on life except some marked effect on sealife dependent on tides. Also the presence of moon had negligible effect when life was first created in the ancient oceans through bio-chemical evolution. more
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Last answer by Jerrod Nazarian 66 months ago +0 votes:
I believe the degrogatory term 'mere' is going a bit too far.  But the Big Bang is in Fact a hypothesis.  Until there is a chance to witness such an event it will remain as such, without ever becoming 'mere' it is likely never to be witnessed. The Big Bang as scientist speak of it is the instant after the point which laymen talk of.  When we here are speaking of the Big Bang it is ... more
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Last answer by Vincent Summers 66 months ago +0 votes:
Anti-matter is not the opposite of matter. It is matter that has the opposite charge of normal matter: for instance, positive instead of negative electrons - which are thus called positrons. If a particle and an anti-particle come into contact, one annihilates the other, with the evolution of pure energy. more
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Last answer by DeeBee 67 months ago +1 votes:
Hi New Energy, Yes there is a fixed date for the Spring Equinox, read my article about it here -  Regards DeeBee more
Last answer by Btruis Gsdfsde 79 months ago +0 votes:
It’s a combination of techniques used, and the elliptical shape of the moons orbit. I’m sure there are ways to quantify the exact rate and corresponding fluctuation in distance. more
Last answer by Christine Marie 80 months ago +0 votes:
Astronomy is one of my favorite topics. While I'm not an expert, I'm completely fascinated and love having discussions about it. While the earth does rotate on an axis, it rotates in more of a horizontal fashion. If we rotated vertically, we would eventually see the same constellations. Since we do not, there are different constellations that southern hemisphere sees in comparison to the northern.... more
Last answer by Gururaj Rao 83 months ago +0 votes:
Jan 4, 2011- the Quadrantids!! more
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I drove home (from the South to the North) on June 25, at about 22 hrs. I live in The Netherlands.To the West I saw a white dot with a small white tail on top of it. It was not moving. It could have been an aeroplane or a comet. I did not have time to to study the object closely. I was driving on the highway. Has anybody else seen this object? more
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Last answer by Barbara Sonja Biller 89 months ago +1 votes:
Hmmm, let's see, water?'s wet, and let's see, um......hummus? it's organic. more
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Last answer by Hello 93 months ago +0 votes:
 Yes; the tilt of the axis away from the vertical plane, as well as the earth's elliptical orbit around the sun DOES cause the shift of the position of the Sun, which is known as the 'Apparent Movement of the Sun'.  It is responsible for the Summer Solstice, Winter Solstice, Vernal Equinox and  Autumnal Equinox. A 'Solstice' occurs twice a year in both the hemispheres, when the sun ... more
Last answer by Cheril'Sword 96 months ago +0 votes:
Are you kidding? This world is insane. Watching and not interfering with this worlds affairs is a much safer than stopping by to say hello. I would say as a global society we may want to get it together just a little bit better before  aliens are added to the mix. Obviously, they are a lot more intelligent than we give them credit. more
Last answer by Jane Thomas 98 months ago +0 votes:
Will they find water? Why don't they just take a few gallons of water up there with them?  This way they could spend more time practicing their "moonwalks" and hydrate themselves! more
Stars "ignite" once suffiecent material collects to initiate fusion at the core. Once this occurs the remaining external gases and dust are pushed away from the star and the star should stop growing in size. However there are stars that are far larger then the mininum size needed to start fusion. So how do these large stars form? more
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Some months back, I witnessed a Silver Aurora Borealis. Now, according to my research since then, I've found nothing about it. I know it's possible, I saw it with my own eyes. What was odd, is that it was over the southeastern part of South Dakota. I didn't think they could occur that far south. I would like to know what could cause this kind of Aurora. more
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