Extraterrestrial Life: Are We Alone Or Is There Life On Other Planets?
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Extraterrestrial Life: Are We Alone Or Is There Life On Other Planets?

Is there life on Europa?

Be it bacteria or little green men, the possibility of life in one form or another is very high.

Life here on Earth needs certain elements to exist carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, sulphur and phosphorus and H2o water, but is it possible that life could evolve without these elements?

We should we look at the possibility of life in one form or another

Explorers (I prefer to call them that instead of scientists) have sent probes to many parts of the solar system including planets and their moons, and the main search objective are the building blocks that we here on Earth know is needed, including water.

There are many theories; some are quite scientifically feasible others a little on the romantic side.

Flying Saucers

The idea that aliens have visited Earth before abound quite profusely.

Let’s look at some of them; one is that the Egyptians built their pyramids from plans given to them by visitors from other worlds, as did the Aztecs.

The star that the three wise men followed was a flying saucer.

Angles had wings, in other words they could fly, and if you take a look at pictures of them, they all had a circle over their heads, were they space helmets?

Have we been visited before?

And talking about flying saucers, even today there are sightings by seemingly upstanding members of the community.

Books have been written and films made, about sightings, and humans, meeting beings from other worlds, lets face it we all love the idea of life elsewhere, and the idea that we could meet and talk to beings from other worlds is a continuing source for the film writers and story tellers, including another theory that we are all descendents from aliens that came to Earth from other worlds.

Little green men

At the moment it looks like the biggest chance of finding life in our solar system is on one of the moons of Jupiter called Europa

We have known about Europa since 1610 when it was discovered along with Io, Ganymede, and Callisto by the Italian astronomer Galileo, little did he realize that his discovery might lead to finding life.



Could it be that water is on Europa?

What is making explorers excited is the fact that there is a high possibility that Europa could have some life.

The probe aptly named “Galileo” sent from Earth to explore and take a closer look at the moon has found a very high probability that water in a liquid form may be on the moon

Just imagine we might find the evidence that life existed on Europa a long time ago and that they had to leave the planet to find a warmer planet nearer to the sun, so found Earth, moved in and we are all descendants.

Of course I could be wrong.

King Arthur and the knights of the round table


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Comments (11)

This topic always amazes people. We may not be alone in the universe.

carole (bishy57)

interesting reading, thank you for sharing!

Fascinating topic, Johnny.

great write Johnny! I love anything like this (lillyrose, triond)

Maximilian Montes

Excellent write. Something to think about. Thanks, man.

It's certainly a lot to think about


Is there anybody there...............Yes, it's the famous Johnnyday.

thank's for todays lesson, throughly enjoyable, I found this really interesting:-))


Whoops, just noticed, you are now Johnnyday, apologies, Perhaps I am waiting in anticipation.........

POETIC jUSTICE Only people with a fantasy Can imagine like the Avatar kind All are cloaked in imagination Myth and its only we who need water As we are 80percent made up of water, Can’t we visualise tomorrow’s human being devoid of a body So complicated And May have only a computer head And A battery charger Instead of a heart No love lost, No sex, We can multiply by infusion Of two computers integrated With multi routers And NO AIDS, HIV AND STD's And What can I say? A Human Mind worth confronting, Instead of egoistic ones As we all counter today.

Ranked #25 in Astronomy

Good article. Will stand side to side with my own on the same subject: yours has a different slant. That's good.

Ranked #62 in Astronomy

Good article, I always believed that we came from somewhere else, never was a believer in the Darwin theory.