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Giordano Bruno and Galileo Galilei, both persecuted by the Roman Catholic, were not at the same path in all aspects in their endeavor to promote the Copernican heliocentric model of the solar system. Giordano Bruno is an Italian itinerant scholar who was once a Dominican.
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The universe is so vast and no one exactly knows its exact measure. There are many galaxies in the universe and still no one knows about the galaxies exact numbers. Examples of galaxies are the Milky Way galaxy, the Andromeda galaxy and many more. Galaxies are group of stars planets and other heavenly bodies that are grouped and clustered together. They scattered all over in the Universe.
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The heavens have always sparked curiosity and fascination in the hearts and minds of the human race. And it was this fascination that has resulted in the study of astronomy as fundamental science for more than 5,000 years. Ancient Greek contribution in the field of astronomy were widely disseminated and accepted for over 1,500 years until the Renaissance. Though some ancient Greek astronomical concepts and theories have become obsolete or been disproven due to more accurate available information...
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Worried about the world coming to an end on December 23, 2012? You are not alone, here are five good reasons such a fear is unrealistic.
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Are scientists digging into earth's history and creating a real Jurassic Park? Are astrologists probing the universe like an alligator being poked in the wild with a toothpick in the eye? Find out
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NASA has ambition plans for space exploration with a trip to Mars by 1930-35.
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Scientists at NASA have claimed numerous times now that we should expect such a storm again and they mean to be ready. We no longer just have telegraph wires and some electrical. We have millions of electrical wiring, grids, transformers, communications, and letÂ’s not forget all of the devices we have plugged in at our homes. If a mere telegraph system caused fires in buildings where they were located, then imagine what kind of damage we should expect with modern day technology in every home...
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There are different bodies in the outer space; the planets such as our very own Earth, moons stars, asteroids and comets belong to these bodies.
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The planet Mercury is the second smallest among the planets in the Solar System. This is also the closest planet to the Sun with a distance of 57.9 million kilometers. The planet mercury revolves around the Sun in about 88 Earth days as well as it rotates on its own axis in about 59 Earth days.
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learn about Saturn's rings
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