A Biblical Record of Extraterrestrial Encounters: Angels, We Are Not Alone
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A Biblical Record of Extraterrestrial Encounters: Angels, We Are Not Alone

This is an explanation as to the facts of the Biblical record concerning extraterrestrials known as angels. Whatever faith or credence one adheres to, one fact is certain - we are not alone.

Before a Biblical record, there have existed legends, myths and tales, as well as historical record, (written on cave walls or pottery), depicting what seemed to be extraterrestrial encounters. That “we are not alone” has been a theme throughout the ages. Many existing cultures today can trace back to antiquity the concept of an extraterrestrial encounters, celestial beings and/or angels.

However, if one goes back to the Biblical record of Hebraic archives, one of the most accurate and complete pieces of recorded history on the matter of extraterrestrials, we may find we are going “back to our future”. The Biblical record has flaws, due to the many translations over the centuries. However, it may still be the most complete and comprehensive historical account of extraterrestrial encounters ever recorded. It is also an unending reference source into the supernatural or paranormal realm of the spirit world. This alone merits some examination as to it’s contents. (1)

In this examination of what is the Biblical record about extraterrestrial encounters, the reader is not being asked to abandon his or her religious beliefs in order to make the paradigm shift to that of a Judeo-Christian view. This writer is simply clarifying the facts as to what the Bible states concerning angels or extraterrestrial encounters - as well as what it does not say.

In essence, according to the Biblical record, there are millions of angels who are loyal to God and now occupy our air space. There are a lesser amount of evil spirits who are in constant rebellion against God trying to get man to decide between following God or Satan. This is the basic teaching in the Hebraic-Christian Bible concerning this matter: extraterrestrail encounters are the norm. What else does the Biblical record have to say about an extraterrestrial or angels? Let us examine further.

1-Angels or extraterrestrials in the Bible are spirits, (a person without a body). They appear and disappear at the discretion and predetermination of whom the Bible says is God. An extraterrestrial can be one place at one instant and be in another far away place in less than a fraction of time - at the speed of light, 186,282 miles per second.

They don’t appear to have any perimeters. They seem to go from one dimension into another. Science now says there are apparently 12 known dimensions yet, angels seem to have no restrictions on themselves other than the ones placed on them by God. They also don’t seem to have a gender: they are neither male nor female nor do they inter-marry.

2-Angels act as “messengers” (angelos) bringing news or instructions or guidance to persons on earth. It was Gabriel that brings the news of the births of both John the Baptist and of the Savior Jesus Christ. Yet, it bares repeating, they are under the direct orders of God alone.

Their only will is to do the will of God. The last time an angel usurped it’s will over God’s, it (Lucifer), became known as Satan. This in turn, incited an insurrection in the heavenly realm and a large following of its minion followers were cast out of the heavenly sphere to earth.

In the New Testament, their ministry position seems to have lessened as it is the Ruach Chodesh, the very Holy Spirit of God Himself, who today speaks inwardly to persons in their spirits without having too much need for angelic intervention or communication.

3-Angels sometimes appear in human form and sometimes in strange, weird appearances depending on the message from God that they are to convey or their assignment. Many times they interact with human beings without humans being aware of the communication with an extraterrestrial being.

In Genesis 18:1, part of the Biblical record states that God and two other “men” (not angels), appeared to Abraham to tell the patriarch not only that he was finally going to become a natural father of his son of promise Isaac, but that the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were going to be wiped off the planet because of the degree of degradation within their walls.

Abraham provided water, bread, cheese and finally orders the best calf to be slaughtered so that the three men could eat which they did as recorded. There was apparently no physical difference from any other humanoid.

Two of the three men arrived in Sodom and Gomorrah, (we do not know if they visited the two cities in another dimension of time or at the same moment. From that point, on according to Biblical record, they were referred to as “angels.” Upon their arrival to the city, they were accosted by men desiring to have intimacy with them. Apparently, they remained in human form all throughout this Biblical record.

Strangest in appearance of the extraterrestrial beings are the Cherubim, or cherub, a winged creature whose main task it seems is to personally minister to God or “guard” access to His mysteries. The Cherubim may not even be considered as a category of angel. However once again, it’s appearance changes somewhat from one event to another. It was commissioned to guard the entrance of the Garden of Eden, which some scholars believe to have been just north of the present capital city of Baghdad.

Two cherubs are thoroughly documented to be facing each other in sculptured form hovering over the Mercy seat and the Ark of the Covenant. But the strangest description of a Cherub, (which seems to be a high ranking celestial being), is found in the well known description of one of the major prophets of the Bible, Ezekiel. In Ezekiel, Chapter 1, he begins the Biblical record by describing in great detail a vision, apparition, or manifestation. (1) It is difficult to determine which.  Ezekiel sees a creature with the head of an ox, an eagle, a man and a lion. He also sees a wheel within a wheel with eyes that has motion.

Ezekiel, Chaper 1,verse 1: “As I looked, I saw a storm coming from the north. There was an immense cloud with flashing lightning surrounded by a bright light. The middle of the lightning looked like glowing metal.” That would certainly appear as a unidentified flying object or sorts.

4-Angels or an extraterrestrial in the Biblical record, follow the protocol of a rigid hierarchy and chain of command. They are to help those who are the sons of God and look out for their welfare, especially that of children, (this is one of their major focuses). However, man is not their only charge. They intervene in the affairs of nations under the command of God according to His predetermined counsel and purpose.

There are the Archangels (the chiefs of staff, elect angels or field commanders which today would be considered highest ranking generals). There are the Cherubims and Seraphims. There are also lesser angel rankings. There is also a definite and delineated satanical hierarchy as well. Each are assigned differently and this should be covered in greater detail. (2)

5-All sons of God have access to the angels' ministry in their lives. An angels can actually overhear the very words which a son of God speaks in agreement with God’s command concerning them. It is written an angels is: "sent forth to minister for those who will inherit salvation" - Hebrews 1:14

6-Angels sing and offer constant praise to God, as do the Seraphim who have six wings. Their main assignment seems singing praises to God 24/7, crying “Holy, Holy, Holy”. They also have a heavenly language, a celestial language which today many followers also speak in the tongues of angels. In I Corinthians Chapter 13, verse 1, the Apostle Paul wrote..."though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels..."

7-Angels are assigned geographic regions or territories such as: Persia (Iraq and Iran), the United States, Greece, Israel, etc. Each nation, province, state, indeed city and county seem to have angelic assignments and there is warfare over these sites.

8-Angels are not to be worshipped.

God knows the human attribute of wanting to “see” something and interact with celestial beings: this could open the door to demonic activity in that person’s life. A angels themselves admonish men not to worship them. In Rev. Chapter 22, verse 9 it is written:

“I, John, am the one who heard and saw these things. And when I had heard and seen them, I fell down to worship at the feet of the angel who had been showing them to me. But he said to me, “Do not do it! I am a fellow servant with you and with your brothers the prophets and of all who keep the words of this book. Worship God!” (God’s Word Today, Version).

9-Angels or celestial beings can communicate with and be seen by the animal kingdom. In Numbers 22:23-34 the Biblical account says that the prophet Balaam’s donkey saw an angel standing in the middle of the road prohibiting the passage of the prophet. Several times the animal pulled to the side and even knelt and fell down in terror because of this great site but his owner beat him for not continuing on the journey. That is until God permitted the angel to manifest its physical appearance to Balaam. Animals have long been known to have another sense. Many seem to foreknow of many events before they transpired. There are present day recorded events as late as the Indonesian tsunami of December 2005 when animals bolted for higher ground sensing some horrific thing was about to occur.

There is Biblical record of a race of man which existed on the earth before the first man, Adam. This writer will touch on this in another article as this requires much research and study. There is another portion of the Biblical record which deals with certain angels, or "fallen angels" desired to intermarry with humanoid women, creating a race of hybrids. Some Christians prefer to leave this untouched but this writer is of the opinion that if God did not want mankind to know of this, He wouldn’t have left it in the Biblical record.

Even today, many things in the Biblical record indicate that there is heightened extraterrestrial activity. Extraterrestrial or angels, there is no doubt to this writer at least, that yes, we are not alone.


(1) Kyle Butt, M.A.Ezekiel’s Vision: An Alien UFO?


(2) http://www.essortment.com/all/angelsbible_ryia.htm

Authored by Beverly Anne Sanchez,Factoidz, 2010

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Ranked #15 in Astronomy

Interesting and equally merits consideration in what is usually happening around us.

Thank you deep blue...you are right...all aspects have to be considered.

These are great Biblical records of other living beings aside from us. In my article, http://factoidz.com/nephilim-myths-and-facts/ - the story of Lamech, found in Genesis Apocryphon is another Biblical facts of the giant human beings called Nephilim. Thanks for this wonderful article.

Excellent. Sorry, I'm out of votes

A good write. Some very interesting facts here. Thank you.

Wow, this is a fairly new topic for me - fascinating and complex. Voted and appreciated.

Amazing! I would love to hear about the mix of man and angel more.